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Where to Watch and Download Afrikaans Movies Online

You might be wondering where you can access Afrikaans movies online. Prior to now, the only way you could watch a movie was either by getting a DVD or VCD or through a movie theatre. However, with advances in technology, you can now watch and download movies with your mobile device.


There are thousands of Afrikaans movies on the internet. This is due to the huge fan base both locally and internationally. Interestingly, you can have access to these contents with little or no cost at all.

Having said that, we’ll be sharing with you platforms where you can legally watch and download Afrikaans movies online.

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Where Can I Download Afrikaans Movies?

There are a lot of platforms where you can watch Afrikaans movies online. However, it’s easy to have access to the latest Afrikaans movies than the old ones. Importantly, only download Afrikaans movies for your personal consumption. Downloading and distributing movies is illegal and considered copyright infringement.

1. Showmax

You can watch Afrikaans movies on Showmax. The movie streaming platform has partnered with KykNET in providing South African content to viewers. With just US$8.99 per month, you have access to an unlimited number of Afrikaans movies online.

You can download Afrikaans movies using the Showmax app on your phone and tablet. However, this download service is only available to Showmax subscribers.

2. YouTube

With YouTube, you can watch and download Afrikaans movies online for free. However, the catalogue of native South African flieks on YouTube is quite small. The bad side is that you will hardly find recently released Afrikaans movies on YouTube.

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As for old South African movies, you can easily find them on Youtube, Also, to download Afrikaans movies on Youtube is absolutely free. You can use the YouTube app or other apps like IDM to download movies to your device.


3. iTunes

iTunes is popularly known for music, however, it can be used to watch and download Afrikaans movies. Furthermore, it is expensive to access the iTunes store to download Afrikaans movies. Sometimes, you might spend as much as R100 just to download movies on iTunes. However, after buying a fliek, you are allowed to download it anytime. iTunes app is available on PC for both Windows and MAC OS.

4. Google Play Movies

Google Play Movies allows you to rent and purchase videos online. The app is available on Android and IOS. Native South African fliek owners can upload their movies on the app and users can, in turn, chose to either rent or purchase at a cost. Purchasing allows you to download the Afrikaans movie. The app is free but you have to pay for the films.

5. SBS On Demand

SBS offers Afrikaans movies online through its streaming platform. The service requires subscription before you can watch any movie. Your subscription will allow you to access both local South African flieks and other content offered on the streaming platform. SBS is an Australian station thus, the catalogue of flieks in this official South African language will be very limited.

6. Filmdoo

With Filmdoo, you can rent Afrikaans movies online. However, to rent a movie on the website comes at a cost. Furthermore, Afrikaans movies download free is not available on this site, you have to pay to watch any movie. This site offers a large catalogue of native South African flieks both old and new. You can rent a film for as little as $1.49.

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7. Boxoffice

Boxoffice service is offered by DStv to its subscribers for just R35. You can watch Afrikaans movies online using the DStv boxoffice. You can also download great films here by following the correct procedure.


8. Afrikaans Flix

Afrikaans flix is a free application available on Android. The application allows you to watch free films on your Android device. The movies come with English subtitles, therefore, if you are not fluent in this local South African language, you will be able to enjoy the movie as well.

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