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Telkom South Africa USSD Shortcodes 2022

Are you in need of Telkom shortcodes? With these shortcodes, subscribers can easily access the services offered by Telkom. The Telkom USSD codes can go a long way as it saves you too much that you would spend to access these services.


Telkom is one of the most popular mobile service providers in South Africa. The mobile service providers have over 9 million registered users in the country. As such, the company always strive to provide quality and convenient users to its subscribers.

One of the ways that it has done so is by coming up with Telkom USSD codes that have had a very big difference in the lives of its users. Some of these codes have been in use for quite some time, hence most users are familiar with them. Others have not been used by most people, hence some clients do not know they exist. Therefore, this list will help you keep up with them.

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Telkom USSD Shortcodes 2022

Even though USSD codes for Telkom aim at making it simpler for users to manoeuvre through the services that the mobile service providers offer, there are instances that require the codes to be changed, For that case, users are advised to ensure that they are updated on the codes at all times.

USSD Code What does it do
*188# Check Mobile Balance and get all your balances SMS’d to you
*123# Mo’Nice promotional bundles
*180# Mobile Account Menu (buy bundles, transfer airtime/data, manage spend limit, get device settings, change tariff, BIS)
*1# Check what your mobile number is
*2# Check what your IMSI is
*#06# Check what your IMEI number is
*140*mobile number# Send a Call Me
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Popular Telkom USSD Codes

Apart from those listed above, below are some of the most frequently used Telkom USSD shortcodes.

1. How to Check Telkom Airtime Balance

How do I check my balance on Telkom? The Telkom balance check USSD code is *188#. Dial it, and tap call and your airtime balance will pop up on the screen. Dial *100# to also check your balance. You can also download the Telekom app from the app store and use it for balance inquiries.

2. Loading Airtime/ Airtime Top-Up

Looking for how to top up Telkom airtime scratch card? To top up airtime on your phone dial *188*Voucher card number#. The voucher card must be a valid one.

3. How to Check my Telkom Number

If you want to know your Telkom phone number, Simply dial *1# for Telkom number check, and your number will pop up on the screen. You can also use the Telkom Please Call Me option to check your number on another phone. To check your Telkom mobile dial-up number on your router or modem, login, and send a please call me a text to another number using *140*contact_number#. This way, the contact number will receive the callback message with the number you used to send.


4. “Please Call Me” Telkom USSD Code

Interested in knowing how to send Please Call Me from Telkom? Dial *140*contact of the person you want to call you#. Another USSD code for Telkom call back service is *140# which will enable you to access the Call Me menu.

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5. How to Buy Data on Telkom

Wondering how to convert Telkom airtime to data? To buy data bundles on Telekom, simply

  • Dial *180#
  • select the Bundle Purchases option
  • Next, choose your preferred data plan.

To subscribe to a data plan, you must have airtime on your phone. This option is for prepaid customers.

You can also buy data directly through a recharge card. Dial *188*Voucher card number# and tap call and the data bundles will be purchased. The amount of data is on the recharge card.

6. Sending Airtime to Another Telkom User

Your family member or friend may be in need of airtime, or you may have extra airtime and want to share. To do this, dial *180# and select the transfer airtime option.


7. Telkom Customer Care

The Telkom customer care toll-free number is 180. This number is the Telkom toll-free number that allows Telkom customers to talk to customer care agents without incurring any cost. However, there is still a Telkom customer care number for non-Telkom sim cards, which is 081180. Calling this Telkom mobile customer care number is not free.

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