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MTN South Africa USSD Shortcodes 2022

Are you in need of MTN shortcodes? With these shortcodes, subscribers can easily access services offered by MTN. The MTN USSD codes can go a long way as it saves you too much that you would spend to access these services.


MTN is one of the most popular mobile service providers in South Africa. The mobile service providers have over 32 millions of registered users in the country. As such, the company always strive to provide quality and convenient users to its subscribers.

One of the ways that it has done so is by coming up with MTN USSD codes that have had a very big difference in the lives of its users. Some of these codes have been in use for quite some time, hence most users are familiar with them. Others have not been used by most people, hence some clients do not know they exist. Therefore, this list will help you keep up with them.

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MTN USSD Shortcodes 2022

Even though USSD codes for MTN aim at making it simpler for users to manoeuvre through the services that the mobile service providers offer, there are instances that require the codes to be changed, For that case, users are advised to ensure that they are updated on the codes at all times. For instance, there were changes that were made to the MTN 2018 USD codes. This list of the most recently updated shortcodes as per the MTN menu that will come in handy;

Here are the shortcodes for anything related to your voicemail.

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Function Old code New code Codes for non-MTN users or landline
Voicemail main menu 100 132 083 132
Change voicemail greeting 110 132 – option 3 08314 + 9 digits
Autoplay voicemail messages 111 132 – option 4 08314 + 9 digits
Change voicemail passwords 120 132 – option 4 08314 + 9 digits
Automatic voicemail 111 132 083 132
All voicemail services *100# *132# N/A
Direct voicemail 134 + 9 digits of the number you are calling 134 + 9 digits of the number you are calling 08314 + 9 digits of the number you are calling
International roaming voicemails 132 083 132

For customer services, dial these numbers, or use * and # to get the menu on your screen.

Function Old code New code Codes for non-MTN users or landline
Caller notification (SMS) *136*136# *156*136# N/A
MTN help menu *141*0# *136*0# N/A
PayAsYouGo customer service *173# or 173 135 083 135
Postpaid customer service *162# or 808 135 or *135# 083 135
Postpaid business services 809 135 083 135
Business solution services 1555 135 083 135
International roaming service *111# *135# – option 1 – sub option 2 083 135
Number portability *113# *135# – option 4 N/A
RICA SIM card *131# *135# – option 2 N/A
MTN information *141*12# *136*12# N/A
Set up a SIM swap *126*7927# *135# – option 5 N/A

For other MTN services such as entertainment, business and competitions.

Function Old code New code Codes for non-MTN users or landline
MTN Loyalty *141*9# *136*9# N/A
Cliq5 *141*2*255# *136*2*255# N/A
MTN promo *141*2*776# *136*2*776# N/A
MTN Spin ‘n Win *136*083# *156*083# N/A
MTN Zone *135# *175# N/A
MTN Play *136# *156# N/A
MTN Business 083 1800 083 123 1800 083 123 1800
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For self-service, dial these numbers, or use * and # to get the menu on your screen.

Function Old code New code Codes for non-MTN users or landline
Checking balances and recharging
Balance summary *141# *136# N/A
Detailed balances *141*1# *136*1# N/A
PIN recharges *141* + PIN# *136* + PIN# N/A
Eazi recharge *141*10# *136*10# N/A
Purchases *141*2# *136*2# N/A
Out of bundle barring *141*5*6622# *136*5*6622# N/A
Usage limit management *141*5*7852# *136*5*7852# N/A
Self-service menu *141# or 141 *136# or 136 N/A
MTN active service 1761 083 123 1761 N/A
My account *141*5# *136*5# N/A
Afrihost *141*774# *136*774# N/A
Me2U *141*774# *136*3# N/A
Xtratime opt-in/out *141*774*3# *136*774*3# N/A
My SUL Balance *141*1*7851# *136*1*7851# N/A
MTN migration *141*4# *136*4# N/A
MTN self-service 141 136 083 136
MTN account holder self-service 555 136 083 136
Self-service menu *141# *136# N/A

Popular MTN USSD Codes

Apart from those listed above, below are some of the most frequently used MTN USSD shortcodes.

1. How to buy MTN Data with USSD Code

MTN is one of the most popular internet service providers in the country and it also offers the best deals when it comes to data bundles. To purchase data bundles, you can do so by dialling *136*10# and selecting the data bundles option.


2. How to Check MTN Data Balance

If you want to check your data balance, there are two ways of checking the balance. The first method is by texting ‘2’ to 131. The second MTN balance USSD code is *131*4#.

3. MTN Data Transfer USSD Code

You can also transfer data from one MTN user to the other one. The USSD code for that is *136*3#. You could also use; *136*6328#.

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4. How to Check Your MTN Number

If you were worried about how to check my MTN number, there is a shortcode for that. You can do so by dialling *123*888#.

5. MTN Recharge Code

To load airtime into your cell phone, you can do so by dialling *141* followed by the voucher number, then an * after which it which is to be followed by the phone number, then a #.

6. MTN Internet Settings

If you wish to obtain your MTN internet settings, you can do so by dialling *123*12#.


7. MTN Subscription Codes

MTN 141 codes re mostly used for subscriptions. They include;

  • *141*0# for Master Menu
  • *141*3# for MTN Me2U
  • *141*4# for Change Price Plan
  • *141*9# for MTN Loyalty
  • *141*10# for MTN Eazi Recharge
  • *120*668# for Mobile Money
  • *121* (number)# for CallBack
  • *120*555# for MTN Compass
  • *141*9# for MTN Loyalty
  • *200# for MTN Directory Enquiries

Some of these subscriptions are free, whereas there are those that are not free.

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