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Dames Appointments Recruitment 2023/2024

Applications are invited from interested and suitably qualified candidates for Dames Appointments Recruitment 2023/2024.


Dames Appointments specialize in permanent placements, to provide excellent service to our clients. We offer applicants of all ages. We strive to provide the best-skilled people for the job fast and efficiently and service our clients and applicants in the most professional manner.

We are recruiting to fill the following position below:


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Job Title: Internal Sales – Alberton


Internal Sales – Alberton

Duties & Responsibilities


1. Quote customers assigned to you within 2 to 3 hours of receiving the request. Customer rep list to be supplied 2. After receiving the order, it is your responsibility to load the picking slip (print the picking slip to stores and get feedback from stores on the stock availability, load the sales order and invoice the stock we have, leaving behind the backorder for what was not in stock and needs to be ordered. a. Order Complete: We have all the stock, so the invoice gets processed. Print two copies of the delivery note to the store’s printer and when emailing the invoice, you email it to the following individuals:

i. The customer contact you received the order from ii. The customer accounts contact iii. Internal sales manager iv. National sales operations manager v. Managing director vi. POD administrator vii. Isotec Accounts, including filing clerk viii. Representative responsible for the account ix. Dispatch Supervisor (Only email to this contact if it needs to still be delivered and you are not invoicing a manual or reinvoicing a credit) b. Backordered items: Invoice what we have in stock and follow the above. You will then have sent the works order to purchasing or ICM (depending on where it needs to be ordered from – in this case you need to email the works order to all the admin contacts within ICM) and ask for it to be ordered. Please add the official customer order to the request. c. Print out the sales/Works order and file it with your actual order in your backorder file and follow up at least once a week.

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Backorders are your responsibility, and it is not to be outstanding more than a week of Isotec receiving the stock in. Backorders needs to be checked weekly and if its not outstanding anymore it needs to be deleted from the system. The backorder report needs to correspond with the customer’s backorder. 4. Quotes needs to be cleaned out once every month. No quotes to be outstanding longer then 3 months as quotes are only valid for 21 working days. But can be on the system no longer than 3 months. 5. When invoicing please make sure the correct representative is invoiced especially when invoicing on backorders, when invoicing you also need to invoice from the outstanding backorder and not load a new sales order as this creates duplicates. 6. Follow up on quotes that has been done regularly and give feedback as to why we did not receive the order. Keep traceability of correspondence for evaluation purposes. 7. BREAKDOWN orders take preference to other orders especially if the customer is part of our top 20% – Top 20% customer list to be supplied 8. You will be required to assist in other areas of the business if the need rises. You are not linked to only being an internal sales representative.

Desired Experience & Qualifications


Package & Remuneration

R12 000 – R15 000pm


How to Apply

Interested applicants should kindly visit the company website to get more details and submit the application(s).