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Biography of Vincent Kigosi & Net Worth

Vincent Kigosi (Ray) (born 16 May 1980) is a Tanzanian actor, producer, and director. Kigosi is based in Dar-es-Salaam.


Kigosi, most known as Ray, started his career 2000 in television soap operas/series and then started to appear in different movies up to now. He has his own company of film production together with his fellow actor Blandina chagula (Johari) the company called RJ Company.



  • Sikitiko Langu (With Steven Kanumba, Nuru Nasoro, Blandina Chagula)
  • Dangerous Desire (With Steven Kanumba, Nuru Nasoro and Blandina Chagula)
  • Johari (Steven Kanumba, Blandina Chagula)
  • Peace of mind ( with Irene Uwoya, Jacob Steven, Blandina Chagula)
  • wicked love ( with Aunty Ezekiel and Blandina Chagula)
  • waves of sorrow ( with Rose Ndauka, Yobnesh Yusuph and Slim Omary)
  • Oprah ( with Steven Kanumba, Irene Uwoya)
  • Off side ( with Steven Kanumba, Jacob Steven and Irene Uwoya)
  • Woman of principles ( with Elizabeth Michael and Nargis Mohamed)
  • family disaster ( with Elizabeth Michael and Diana Kimaro)
  • my dreams ( with Irene uwoya, Rose Ndauka, Mahsein Awadh, Shamsa Ford and Elizabeth Michael)
  • sobbing sound ( with Irene Uwoya, Haji Adam)
  • unpredictable ( with Irene Paul)
  • handsome wa Kijiji ( with Irene Paul, Flora Mvungi)
  • danger zone ( with Aunty Ezekiel, Mahsein Awadh, Elizabeth Gupta, Blandina Chagula)
  • I hate my birthday ( with Aunty Ezekiel and Irene Paul)
  • Fair decision
  • Surprise
  • V.I.P
  • Chickens head
  • Too much
  • Twisted
  • Second wife
  • The glory of Ramadhani
  • Hard Price
  • Shell
  • Shakira
  • One blood
  • The Image
  • Behind the scene
  • Revenge
  • Fake Pastors
  • Hot Friday
  • Full Moon
  • Divorce
  • From China With True Love
  • Fan’s Death
  • Pretty Girls
  • Yellow Banana
  • Bad Luck

Net Worth

Vincent Kigosi’s net worth is estimated to be $500,000, according to the list of richest Tanzanian celebrities.

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