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Top 10 Logistics and Transport Companies in South Africa

Top 10 Logistics and Transport companies in South Africa | On this page is the list of the top international logistics and transport companies operating in South Africa and their contact address.


These companies are saddled with the responsibility of planning, implementing and controlling procedures for the efficient and effective transportation and storage of your goods including services and related information from the point of origin to the point of delivery for the purpose of conforming to customer requirements.

South Africa is one of the most popular destinations for most international logistics and transport companies. Several companies offering these services in the country take pride in their robust procurement, maintenance, personnel, facilities, and transportation frameworks.

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Top 10 Logistics and Transport Companies in South Africa


Since its inception in 1945, CHEP has maintained a steady record of growth as an international logistics and courier firm. The company offers most of its services to the automotive, fresh food industry, chemical consumer goods, manufacturing, and aerospace industry.

2. Onelogix Group Limited

The firm has a broad experience in logistics having been in operation for more than two decades. The company enjoys overwhelming customer relations for its high reliability and quality of service in the transportation sector. Onelogix Group Ltd has built a strong brand with extensive retail, transport, and other logistics solutions. The company is recognized highly for commercial vehicle delivery services.

3. Imperial Logistics

Since 1975, the company has maintained its brand image as a leader in global logistics and supply chain. The firm forms a part of two other divisions that comprise the Imperial Group. The company is multi-branded and excellent in consumer products, warehousing, transport, special freights, and service integration. Imperial Logistics services more than 14 countries with high quality and reliable services.

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4. UTi

UTi remains one of the most innovative logistics companies in South Africa. The firm, based in Johannesburg, has built a vibrant culture in the global market, enabling it to overcome huge risks that surround its specialty. It is a branch of UTi Worldwide Inc.

5. Crossroads Distribution (Pty) Ltd

The company innovatively specializes in customer-friendly solutions in its logistic solutions. If you are seeking for a customer-friendly logistics and courier firm, Crossroad Distribution is the answer. Some of the logistics services offered at the company include freight consolidation, fulfilment services, warehousing, and transportation of chemical fuels among others.


6. Transnet

The company remains unrivalled in freight logistics. Transnet is exclusively owned and operated by the South African government to supplement the country’s logistics network in freight.

7. Value Logistics

The firm is a part of Value Group first established in 1981. Value Logistics specializes in car rentals, supply chain solutions, and truck rentals with trustworthy and reliable customer relations. The company is one of the supply chain companies in South Africa that has sustained its market share through innovative solutions and technological integration tracking and forwarding.

8. Barloworld Logistics

The firm runs with a specialty in supply chain management and logistics. Besides South Africa, Barloworld Logistics runs in developed states such as Germany, China, United Kingdom, Liberia, and the United Arabs Emirates. The firm prides in its high profile clientele among them Nike SA, Toyota SA, Unilever SA, and PPC among others.

9. On The Dot

On The Dot is the biggest multi-channel media logistics firm in South Afric, offering nationwide logistics solutions for media products such as books, consumer electronics, music, magazines, and newspapers among others. This firm also provides warehousing services, distribution, and integration of consumer service administration.

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10. Imperial Health Sciences

The company is a leader in African healthcare supply network and management with an overwhelming presence in other states among them Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana.

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