National Certificate (Vocational)

Qualification Fees
Civil Engineering Construction R14 576.00
Electrical Infrastructure Construction R14 392.00
Engineering and Related Design R18 700.00
Finance, Economics, and Accounting R10 455.00
Management R10 956.00
Office Administration R9 831.00
Information Technology & Computer Science R14 304.00
Hospitality R17 696.00
Primary Agriculture R25 076.000
Tourism R13 572.00

Nated (Report 191)

Qualifications Fees Per Subject
Engineering N1/N2/N3 R2 234.00 R558,50
Engineering N4/N5/N6 R2 234.00 R558,50
Business Management N4/N5/N6 R2 838.00 R709,50
Management Assistant N4/N5/N6 R2 838.00 R709,50
Financial Management N4/N5/N60 R2 838.00 R709,50
Hospitality and Catering Services N4/N5/N6 R 6 402.00 R1 600,50
Public Management N4/N5/N6 R 2 838.00 R709,50
Tourism N4/N5/N6 R2 298.00 R574,50

Examination Only

Exam Name Fees
Installation Rules: Paper 1 (IRP1) R885.00
Installation Rules: Paper 2 (IRP2) R885.00
Specialized Electrical Installation Codes: Paper 1 (SEICP1) R885.00
Specialized Electrical Installation Codes: Paper 2 (SEICP2) R885.00
NC(V) Supplementary Examination R70.00
All other subjects R400.00
Pre-Vocational Learning Programme R 5 334.00